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AI-Powered Automation

Craft Custom Agents Quickly:

  • No prompt Engineering required
  • 1 minute or less to create your first bot
  • We do all the work for you


User-Friendly Interface

Dependable Outputs:

  • Accurate answers
  • Your data always remains private
  • Control access to agents for specific users


Versatile and Scalable

Budget Friendly For:

  • Casual users
  • Accessing documents with high word counts
  • Scaling and sharing agents across teams

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"Saved me 40 hours of work"

I had to deliver about 20 pages of material for my institution to review. It would have taken me an entire week to complete this task! I simply uploaded all the books, outlines, and material that I needed for reference into ProtoBots. Then I could talk with my own specialized agent! It curated everything I needed in about 30 minutes!
Dr. Ray Bowman - DBA

"Streamlines our processes"

The A.I. agents me and my team have created in ProtoBots are indispensable. It's made so many of our automations, systems, and processes so much faster! I can't imagine going back to the way we used to do things. Now we've got a serious edge over our competitors that's helping us grow.
Alexa Pao - CEO

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Got questions? We've got answers! Check out our FAQ section for the lowdown on all your queries.

+ What is is a generative AI solution developed by Xopolis Inc that helps automate writing tasks to improve productivity in the office. The ProtoBots automations assist in various writing, research, and analysis tasks such as financial analysis, reporting, planning, and strategy formulation, and many more.
+ How does ProtoBots work?

In simple terms, ProtoBots includes a variety of pre-built task and chat bots that help users quickly and easily complete complex tasks. For example;

  • Have a lengthy compliance document you want to ask questions? From your catalog, launch the “Document Q&A” ProtoBot from the ProtoBots Catalog, drop in your document, and ask your question.
  • Want to integrate new information in a long write up while maintaining consistency? From your catalog, launch the “Add Information to a Section” ProtoBot.
+ What are the key features of ProtoBots?

The key features of ProtoBots are:

  • Data privacy: we value your privacy, and no information that you use in ProtoBots will be made public or used for future training, unless for your own projects.
  • Automated prompt engineering: ProtoBots takes the prompt engineering out of your AI tasks so you can make the most out of gen-AI without needing to learn to prompt.
  • Bot Builder: build your own ProtoBots with no-code. Here too, we automate the prompt engineering so you can stay focused on your expertise.
  • Auto-selection of LLMs: It’s hard to keep up with the fast-evolving AI technology space. Our Bot Builder automatically matches you to the best LLM from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Microsoft, including Xopolis’ own in-house models so you always have the best-in-class model to build your automations.
  • User-friendly interface: ProtoBots is designed for a non-technical professional audience with ease-of-use as a priority to drive learning and adoption.
  • Organization roles: For our enterprise customers, organizational roles allow for better management of accounts, bots, and token consumption.
  • Share your creations! As a Bot Builder, you can share your creations with your organization or publicly with the ProtoBots community. You can even make your creations available to your clients and people outside of your organization.
+ How can ProtoBots benefit my business?
ProtoBots can benefit your business by boosting your team productivity and encouraging innovation across the workforce. Your organization’s catalog of ProtoBots is a resource for team members to input raw information from meeting transcripts, emails, or even data, to produce structured and standardized outputs. ProtoBots are also a great way to in-house new capabilities at a much lower cost, such as building your own customer service bots, or managing more regular marketing and communication tasks.
+ What are the technical requirements for using ProtoBots?
ProtoBots is a web-based app served through your web browser. It can be accessed through your desktop or mobile device.
+ How is ProtoBots priced?

Learn more about our plans here. ProtoBots offers a Base plan that is free and three paid plans:

  • ProtoBots Plan: 100k tokens/month + ProtoBots Catalog
  • ProtoBots Builder Plan: 500k tokens/month + ProtoBots Catalog + Bot Builder
  • ProtoBots Enterprise Plan: seat based pricing

All ProtoBot plans charge a monthly base fee that includes a monthly token quota, and usage above the quota is billed separately. Please email us at for further questions about our pricing.

+ What kind of support services does ProtoBots offer?
ProtoBots offers an hour of onboarding and up to 2 additional hours for Bot Builder training to our Enterprise clients. For additional requests, please email us at